Master P partners with non profit “Vision To Learn” to giveaway 100K Glasses

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VISION TO LEARN CELEBRATED IN THE BAY AREA SERVICING OVER 100,000 KIDS WITH FREE EYEGLASSES IN THE U.S.* During a visit to Oakland, Master P told students that he himself had wear eyeglasses. And he wants to get rid of the idea that wearing eyeglasses is not cool. In the U.S., an estimated two million students do not have the glasses they need at school. Master P encouraged them to wear and care for the gifts they received. “I came to tell these kids personally that wearing their glasses is cool,” said Master P. “I look at these kids and I see myself at their age. These glasses will help them achieve their dreams. It starts with being able to see. It’s difficult to learn when you can’t read because you can’t see clearly. Our Mission is to provide glasses to every underprivileged student who needs them nationwide.” Untreated vision impairment can create difficulties with learning and Master P believes providing glasses to those who need them is better preparing them to learn. “If these kids can see, this will be one of the greatest projects I could be a part of,” he continued. “Today, we celebrated in the Bay Area, servicing over 100,000 kids nationwide and two-years from now we’re going to bridge the gap with the two million kids that still need eyeglasses.”

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