American Man Faces 7 Years in a Dubai prison for saying “B**itch” on Instagram

An American man from Oregon is facing seven years in prison for calling his ex wife (Salma Ismail) a “b**tch” Instagram. He was reported to the local authorities by his ex-wife. Jordan Brandford has been reportedly living in Dubai since 2008 pursuing a fitness career. In 2017 Brandford and his wife relationship began to take a downturn after he was spending most of his time growing the business. It is suspected that his wife began cheating on him and he found out from family and friends.

Jordan Branford has been fined a substantial amount of AED 250,000 or $68,000 U.S. dollars. If he cannot pay the large fine he will have to spend around seven years in prison. It is reported that he spent all of his money on legal fees (230,000). If that is the case he will be spending a-lot of time in jail. One day in a Dubai prison equals AED 100 or 27 U.S. Dollars. The Dubai government will hold onto Jordan Brandford’s passport until he pays off of his fine or turns himself in to the police.

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